How We Work

These are some of the questions agencies commonly ask us so here is a handy list of answers to the frequently asked questions we get from marketing firms here at Passion For PPC:

How Does Passion For PPC Work With My Agency?

Passion For PPC works with marketing firms in a whitelabel format. What this means is that all of the work we do is under your agencies accounts and reporting is done to the appropriate person within your organization such as a project manager rather than with the end client. We work to easily integrate with your current operations for minimal hassle.

What Types of Advertisers Does Passion For PPC Work With?

We work with a diverse selection of advertisers across many industries, what we call end clients, your clients. Primarily focused on Business to Business, Ecommerce, and Local Advertisers with monthly PPC budgets of at least $1,500. We have the experience, capacity and expertise to hit the ground running with just about any campaign, providing value from day one.

How Often Does the Passion For PPC Team Manage An Account?

Scheduled reviews at the minimum, would be every 7 days. For very mature accounts or low maintenance advertisers, reviews can also be scheduled every 14 or even 30 days. Generally though, we like to actively manage accounts at least once every 7 days.

What Sort of Reporting is Provided?

We log all work in Google Docs and share with you. We can also create custom Adwords and Analytics reports as requested, set up scheduled Adwords and Analytics reports, create Analytics Dashboard, integrate 3rd party dashboard reporting and provide a custom solution that is right for your agency and clients. Our main focus is providing information on what we are seeing in an account, adjustments made, account highlights and challenges an account may be facing. Information you can add into your own reporting or provide directly to the client. Here are some samples of documentation we provide:

Adwords 7 Day Review Notes

Adwords 30 Day Review Notes

Where is Passion For PPC Located?

Our office is located at 214 State Street Suite 2, Harbor Beach Michigan 48441.

Who is the Passion For PPC Team?

Our Inhouse pay per click team currently consists of Michael Climer and Amanda Nienaltowski. We are Google Partners, certified in Google Adwords search, display and shopping, BingAds certified as well as Analytics qualified.

How Does Passion For PPC Bill?

For new agency clients we will send an invoice initially to get started and then billing will recur automatically every 30 days.

How Much Does White Label PPC Management with Passion For PPC Cost?

The question that is asked by everyone and the short answer is what is right for your agency, as well as the particular advertiser. With the vast range of potential scenarios we come across on a daily basis, we have found it works best for everyone when we quote on an advertiser by advertiser basis. This can take the form of by hour, flat rate or percentage of spend depending on the advertiser and what is the best fit for your agency. Give us a call for a custom quote based on the specifics of your agencies needs and situation.

A couple of examples would be a local service based business (think lawyer, dentist, surgeons, therapists, contractors) who are spending $1,500/month on PPC would be an estimated $400.00 for search and remarketing setup, Analytics setup/integration and 30 days of active management. Ongoing campaign management would be in the $250.00/month range. In contrast, an Ecommerce advertiser with a $5,000.00/month spend, over 20 products and is going to require detailed analysis, fine adjustments backed up by data and a much more time intensive sort a client in general would be billed in blocks of 10 hours in advance and billed once those hours are used. There are many possible scenarios that each have their own considerations. We will work together to find the right solution for your agency and clients.

Do You Offer Sales Support?

We want to help you to find qualified PPC advertisers to sell services to. To help facilitate this we have a growing collection of sales material that will help your team to understand how to prequalify prospects and find the right advertisers to sell to. Take a look at our current library of PPC services sales tools.

We Excel at all Aspects of Pay Per Click. We Do the Work While Your Agency is the Hero!

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